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MORAI to Showcase True-to-life Simulation Platform for Next-Generation Aircrafts

Updated: Apr 12

Source: AP News

MORAI to Showcase True-to-life Simulation Platform for Next-Generation Aircrafts at Commercial UAV Expo 2022

MORAI, a leading developer of full-stack autonomous vehicle simulation technology in Korea, announced today that it is launching a new simulation platform for aircraft, MORAI SIM Air, at Commercial UAV Expo 2022, held in Las Vegas from September 6 to September 8, 2022.

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is getting attention as a next-generation urban transport system that can solve problems such as increasing urban population and traffic congestion. However, it is essential to establish a safe and stable operating environment as it may create hazards to persons or property in the event of a crash or accident compared to a car. To handle such challenges, MORAI offers simulation tools and solutions for aircraft. The MORAI SIM Air is a simulation solution designed for aircraft such as UAM and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to verify the system safety of aircraft in realistic virtual spaces.

MORAI SIM Air simulates every possible flight scenario that may occur in urban areas when operating UAM. This new simulation platform enables numerous test flights for scenarios of extreme situations with detailed photorealistic scenes, such as complex urban environments and specific flight paths. It provides a realistic, fully configurable, virtual simulation environment for aircraft manufacturers to test their products. With this solution, they can verify the system safety of aircraft, enabling preliminary action to prepare the potential for dangerous situations.

In the future urban environment, a more sophisticated traffic management and control system is required. MORAI SIM Air virtualizes real-world aviation facilities, enabling scenario testing by applying UTM and Air Traffic Management (ATM) in simulation space. With MORAI SIM Air, UAM and UAV manufacturers can test various scenarios in a safe and cost-effective manner.

“We are delighted to showcase MORAI’s latest innovation on simulation technology at the Commercial UAV Expo, the world’s leading commercial UAV trade show. At MORAI, we believe simulation is the best solution to accelerate the path to commercialization of next-generation air mobility such as UAM,” said Jiwon Jung, CEO of MORAI. “We launched MORAI SIM Air to provide a safer and more efficient way for aircraft manufacturers to test and verify their flight systems. MORAI strives to advance our technology so that we can provide the value of simulation to companies in the UAM and drone industries.”

MORAI’s data-driven simulation approach delivers value along each step of the aircraft development process, from the project inception stage to the testing and acceptance trial stage. MORAI will present this solution at Booth 450. For more information, you can visit to



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