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Features: Features

MORAI SIM - Robotics 

Robot Simulator



AMR can be validated virtually using
MORAI SIM: Robotics which has a simulation environment, sensor, and vehicle model identical to the real world

MORAI’s data-based simulation platform supports XIL(SIL, VIL, HIL) simulation, which provides value to the overall process of developing AMR.


Customizing indoors
/ outdoors environments.

MORAI’s digital twin building technology enables the creation of various environments that AMR can run from indoor environments such as factories or buildings to outdoor pedestrian roads. User can validate AMR by creating environments and scenarios that user wants.

Customized Ego Robot modeling for clients

MORAI provides modeling of various robots not only vehicle robots but also walking robots and manipulators. These robots imitate realistic movements by applying various dynamics models.


Performance evaluation

Evaluate AMR’s performance capability by multiple evaluations of scenarios.

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