The automotive industry
is moving towards
autonomous driving.

Any automated system must undergo some form of verification and validation, even more so if it involves human safety in any way.

Construction Signs

Autonomous driving systems fulfill both of these criteria

and as a result, need to be tested rigorously to make sure the system can recognize its surroundings properly and take necessary actions to ensure the safety of all actors.

Driving School

At this very moment, OEMs are test driving on real-world roads to verify and validate their systems.

However, letting untested systems drive on open roads poses an inherent danger to not just the test vehicle, but everyone else on the road. 


OEMs are at risk of unintentionally causing accidents on the road

leading to potential property damage, legal issues, and in the worst case, loss of life.


To achieve full autonomy

the automotive industry needs new virtual testing solutions that replicate the complexity and the scale of real-world roads and traffic.