SIM - Drive 

True-to-life Autonomous Vehicle Driving Simulator



Validation of autonomous vehicles can be conducted with MORAI SIM: Drive, which includes simulation environments, sensors, and vehicle models identical to the real world.

XIL(X-in-the-Loop) linkage feature of MORAI Simulation platform provides various validation environments which is necessary for developing autonomous vehicle.


Automated creation
of digital twin

With HD map and high-performance 3D graphic engine(Unity), we automatize building virtual environment, including road conditions and geographical features which is identical to real world. We provide realistic network representation, as well as dynamics linkage test (EV Fuel efficiency test, etc) based on the altitude of the road.

Various Asset

We provide dynamics modeling technology through our simulator with the simulated vehicle which is similar to an actual vehicle, shape and specification of actual sensors, and datasets from actual vehicle behavior tests. It enables our virtual vehicle moves like the actual one

다양한 asset.jpg

Intuitive GUI

Users can create or edit various scenario conditions, such as weather, vehicle, or obstacles. Various kinds of sensors, such as cameras, LiDARs, and Radars can be attached wherever the user wants. Also, we can provide an intuitive environment that enables the setting, calibration, and monitoring of embedded dynamics.

Automated creation of dataset for AI learning

Creates realistic scenarios, by randomizing test scenarios based on the actual traffic situation. Virtual sensors of Ego Vehicle create datasets for AI learning, which can be used for ML / DL variously.


Cloud Simultation

Cloud-based simulation environment which mounts large-scale of high-spec GPU can validate multiple scenario test environments simultaneously. By prompt validation of autonomous driving algorithms, we support modification and improvement of the algorithm by re-simulating failed scenarios.