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Envisioning the Future of Mobility

Experience the future of mobility today with MORAI Drive Simulator

Digital Twin

Built with an HD map and a powerful physical engine,
bridges the gap between the real world and simulation test environments, providing all of the key elements for the verification of autonomous vehicles.

Realistic Vehicle &
Sensor Models

Vehicle dynamics and customizable sensor models, including  cameras, LiDAR, GPS, and IMU, enable
precise vehicle simulations.

Creating Test Scenario
from Real-world Data

Generate complex and diverse test scenarios
from real-world data.

ISO 26262 Certified

With ISO 26262 certification and support
automotive safety integrity level D(ASIL D),
MORAI Drive simulation provides safer and more
reliable V&V process for autonomous system.

Learn more about ISO 26262

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Mixed Reality
Vehicle-in-the-Loop Testing

Test all scenarios accurately and safely by
combining simulations with real-world vehicle
testing, leveraging Vehicle-in-Loop testing and simulation benefits.

Dataset Generation

Automatic annotation functionality along with
Weather and lighting control features allow users
to create their own datasets. It supports KITTI,
Cityscape files for training Deep Learning Network.

Cloud Simulation

Cloud-based simulation environment allows you
to conduct thousands of simulations simultaneously without hardware limitations.
Re-simulating failed scenarios enables you to
modify and improve algorithms.


Learn more about MORAI Drive Simulator

Experience the next generation mobility simulation solution.

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