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Simulation platform that
contributes to
development of 

autonomous driving technology

R&D at diverse environment is necessary for the innovative development of autonomous driving technology. With simulation, faster&safer R&D environment can be generated which allows future users to acquire insights for their research.


Simulation Education

Providing exclusive curriculum for education institutes, such as Samsung Software Academy for Youth(SSAFY), which covers basic concept of autonomous driving for MORAI SIM user to actual vehicle interlocking practice.

University currirulum

Providing education to foster autonomous driving talent by utilizing MORAI's simulators and contents at leading universities in Korea such as Seoul National University and KAIST

Supporting R&D institutes

Supporting multiple autonomous driving related institute’s R&D process, such as Naver Labs, KATRI.

Supporting autonomous vehicle competition

Participating in autonomous vehicle competition, such as Mando autonomous driving competition and international autonomous driving competition, by providing cloud-based SaaS simulator.

Our Clients

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