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MORAI SIM Achieves ISO 26262 Certification 

As the development of technology for the commercialization of Level 4 or higher autonomous vehicles is in full swing, with a target of 2027, the standard for evaluating autonomous driving technology, which is directly related to safety, is increasing.  MORAI's simulation platform, MORAI SIM: Drive, is certified with ISO 26262 by SGS-TUV Saar, a leading assessment and certification company in various industries.


ISO 26262 is an internationally recognized standard for ensuring the functional safety of electrical and electronic (E/E) systems, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In self-driving cars, the electric and electronic systems act as the brain that determines and controls the vehicle, making it crucial to achieve functional safety to prevent accidents caused by system failures.

MORAI SIM: Drive has obtained accreditations related to “ISO 26262 Part 8: Supporting processes” by meeting the requirements of clause 11.4.4 “Planning of usage and evaluation of the software tool” and clause 11.4.9 “Validation of the software tool”. Furthermore, the MORAI SIM: Drive's Camera Sensor Module was evaluated to serve as an effective simulation analysis tool for verifying safety targets up to ASIL D and to support ISO 26262 part 4-8's “Safety Validation” activities  throughout the automotive safety lifecycle phases.

ISO 26262.png

Proving the suitability of safety verification for the development and operation of autonomous vehicles


With the acquisition of ISO 26262 certification, MORAI's autonomous simulation platform has been validated as a suitable tool for verifying the safety requirements needed for the development and operation of self-driving cars. MORAI's ISO 26262-certified simulation solution provides increased reliability in the autonomous driving development process for automobile manufacturers, parts suppliers, and solution developers.

Customers can establish a safer autonomous driving system by reproducing and evaluating various situations that may occur on real roads in the virtual environment of MORAI SIM: Drive. This solution also addresses potential development issues beforehand, reducing testing costs and time while increasing operational efficiency. Consequently, customers can manufacture safer and more reliable products, resulting in a competitive edge.


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