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Verifying Automated Driving Systems for Safe, Large-Scale Deployment

As autonomous driving technology is getting adopted,
our daily life is changing rapidly. However, it is essential to validate new technology or solution to guarantee our safety. With simulation,
it is possible to solve safety issues by dealing with various Edge-cases.

Autonomous Vehicle

Creates user-made scenario, using multiple variables at digital twin environment which was generated automatically. Autonomous driving algorithm can be pre-inspected by simulation before actual vehicle test


Evaluates whether developing an ADAS system meets safety standard by simulator before applying to a commercial vehicle.

XIL simulation

Supports real-virtual integrated simulation of autonomous driving parts/vehicles. Evalutaes global safety standards such as EuroNCAP(AEB), KNCAP(AEB), ISO15622(LKAS), ISO11270(SOTIF), NHTSA, RSS, with simulation.

ASAM OpenX Standard


Supporting ASAM simulation standard format enables co-simulating without additional format conversion, which allows fast and diversified system validation and development.

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