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Speed up development with MORAI SIM

Faster, Safer, Better

The MORAI simulation platform allows users to generate test scenarios for evaluating AV and ADAS systems.

Autonomous Vehicle

Users can create custom scenarios in a digital twin environment to test and

verify autonomous driving algorithm before conducting actual vehicle tests on real-world roads.


Evaluates whether the development of an ADAS system meets safety standards through

simulation before its application to a commercial vehicle.

XIL simulation

Supports SIL and VIL simulation for autonomous driving parts/vehicles.

Provides test environments for evaluating global safety standards such as

EuroNCAP (AEB), KNCAP (AEB), ISO15622 (LKAS), ISO11270 (SOTIF), NHTSA, and RSS.

ASAM OpenX Standard


Supporting the ASAM simulation standard format enables co-simulation without

additional format conversion, facilitating fast and diversified system validation and development.

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