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Envisioning the Future of Mobility

Accelerates innovation in next-generation mobility with MORAI Air Simulator

Digital Twin

MORAI Air provides intricate urban setting for testing and validating AAMs, and vertiport operations. MORAI Air allows user to identify potential issues before real-world deployment.

Various Aerodynamic &
Sensor Models Customized
to Aviation Industry

Enables testing and verification of autonomous flight systems through the use of virtual infrastructure, customized sensor and aerodynamic models tailored to the aviation industry.

Flight Testing for
eVTOL Vehicles

MORAI Air allows user to test vertical takeoff and landing , low-altitude flight, and collision avoidance for developing eVTOL aircraft

Advanced Air Mobility Operation

From setting up a vertiport to corridor flights,

all the necessary test assets are provided for simulating AAM operations.

Setting Vertiport

Corridor Flights

Support of Air Traffic Control

Enables the testing of

Air Traffic Management (ATM) and

Unmanned Traffic Management(UTM)

scenarios in a simulated environment.

Cloud Simulation

Cloud-based simulation environment allows you to conduct thousands of simulations simultaneously without hardware limitations.

Re-simulating failed scenarios enables you to

modify and improve algorithms.


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Experience the next generation mobility simulation solution.

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