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Experience the Future

Accelerates innovation in next-generation mobility with MORAI Air Simulator

Safe and Cost-efficient
Aircraft Verification

Simulates different flight environments that

may take place in urban settings during the operation of UAM vehicles to help anticipate and prevent dangerous situations and

assess potential risks factors for aircrafts.

Various Aerodynamic &
Sensor Models Customized
to Aviation Industry

Enables testing and verification of autonomous flight systems through the use of virtual infrastructure, customized sensor and aerodynamic models tailored to the aviation industry.

Support of
Air Traffic Control

Enables the testing of

Air Traffic Management (ATM) and

Unmanned Traffic Management(UTM)

scenarios in a simulated environment.

Cloud Simulation

Cloud-based simulation environment allows you to conduct thousands of simulations simultaneously without hardware limitations.

Re-simulating failed scenarios enables you to

modify and improve algorithms.


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Experience the next generation mobility simulation solution.

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