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Envisioning the Future of Mobility

Shape the future of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship
with MORAI Maritime Simulator.

Digital Twin

Realistic marine environments include varying
sea states, weather conditions, tides, and visibility.

Realistic Ship  Models

Enables testing from a small boat to a cargo ship, including ship dynamics.

Customizable &
Configurable Sensors

Customize sensor models to suit your specific requirements,
MORAI Maritime simulator provides Lidar, GPS, and radar for more efficient and precise development of autonomous vessels.

Intuitive GUI for Creating Customizable Scenarios

Click and drag to position ego vessels and obstacles. Customize object settings, such as waypoints, movement speed, active distance, and more,
effortlessly using the graphical user interface (GUI).

Easy to Edit a Scenario Script File

Support the use of JSON script files to save & edit a customizable scenario.


Learn more about MORAI Maritime Simulator

Test and verify your MASS with MORAI's powerful simulation solution.

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