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Truck and Logistics
Simulation Platform

The adoption of autonomous vehicle technology for the large vehicle will bring innovation to the traditional logistics system. Using simulation before transporting large-scale cargo will prevent possible damage that may occur.

3D Route survey

For special cargo vehicle, transportation limitation exists while driving due to environmental issue(tunnel, sharp turn, etc). By using autonomous driving simulator, vehicle route can be planned in advance which prevents accidents and possible human error.


Existence of potential crash can be confirmed in advance, from cargo transportation test simulation crash data. Obstacles that may occur crash can be found by replay feature, which achieves goal of 3D route survey so that cost and time can be saved for actual driving.


Provides V2X based platooning scenarios and validation environments, which improves truck safety and operation efficiency.

Last Mile Delivery

Providing validation platform for autonomous driving transportation methods, which identifies robot’s location and status from monitoring solution.

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