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MORAI SIM - Traffic

V2X Information Based 3D Traffic Monitoring System


Traffic Management

MORAI supports precise traffic monitoring
by expressing a realistic traffic environment through a digital twin-based monitoring system.

MORAI’s traffic management platform protects every pedestrian’s safety by showing information about the autonomous vehicle, connected vehicle, pedestrian,
and infrastructure in the 3D environment.


Building 3D-based
monitoring environment

By securing visibility of traffic situations and convenience of monitoring with a digital twin, CCTV blind spots and shadow zone of monitoring, which is undetectable in the traditional 2D-based monitoring system

Real-time monitoring
using C-ITS data

The V2X communication data, such as precise monitoring of connected / autonomous vehicles, traffic lights, and real-time pedestrian locations, are synchronized to the monitoring system to implement realistic situation on monitoring screen.


Creating virtual traffic flow

Creates realistic traffic frow on virtual environment, reflecting real-time collected traffic information. It allows intuitive zone monitoring and driving support of autonomous / connected vehicle.

API support of
external tool chain

By linking with various traffic simulators such as VISSIM and SUMO, we inject a real-world traffic flow model into virtual reality then we support the evaluation of traffic impact or environmental impact on the virtual scenario

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