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Monitoring Platform
for Better Urban Environments

As the V2X environment evolves, the data information available on the road is becoming more diverse. An effective road system can be created by providing all information intuitively on virtual monitoring screen, using digital twin.

Real-time RSA Information

The information supplied by RSA, including details about illegal parking locations and

pedestrian presence, is displayed on the control screen to facilitate safe passage for

both pedestrians and vehicles.

Real-time Vehicle tracking

In real-time, autonomous driving and connected vehicles can be tracked, allowing for intensive monitoring of the surrounding environment to identify potential safety situations around the vehicle

Supporting multi-platform

It supports mobile (iOS, Android) apps as well as PCs, creating an environment where you can connect anywhere. It supports citizen-friendly services by establishing a smart city that integrates 3D spatial and public information

Using MORAI's digital twin construction technology, we build a digital twin environment that covers 100% of traffic control targets. The current and virtual environments can be set up on the control screen without constraints to assess possible traffic conditions.

Generating monitoring area digital twin

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