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MORAI Secures Prestigious KES Innovation Award for Excellence in Converged Technology.

Updated: Apr 12

Our autonomous driving simulation platform, "MORAI SIM", has been distinguished with the prestigious 12th KES Innovation Award. Presented by the KOREA Electronics Association (KEA), the KES Innovation Award recognizes products that exhibit creativity and innovation in the electronics sector.

KEA selected 29 innovative products (from 25 companies) across four categories: Converged Technologies, Electronic Components & Materials, Tech Solutions, and Smart Living. Among these, MORAI was recognized for its innovation in the "Converged Technologies (future promising)" category.

MORAI SIM is not just a simulation platform for the future of mobility. While it's primarily designed for autonomous vehicles, its potential applications extend to Urban Air Mobility (UAM), unmanned robots, autonomous ships, and more. As a groundbreaking virtual validation platform, MORAI SIM is paving the way to accelerate the commercialization of autonomous driving.

We're grateful for the recognition and remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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