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MORAI-KATRI-U.S. M-City Collaborate on Autonomous Driving Research

Updated: Apr 12

MORAI has strengthened its autonomous driving technology research activities through collaboration with the Korea Transportation Safety Authority's Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute (KATRI) and the University of Michigan's M-City in the United States.

On November 13th, MORAI signed an MOU with M-City for mutual collaboration and held a membership signing ceremony to secure original technologies and establish core strategies. Both institutions plan to activate international research exchanges by embarking on joint research on autonomous driving virtual testing environments, data sharing, and international joint research.

Furthermore, MORAI is participating in technical research between the KATRI, MORAI, and M-City. The three institutions will enhance collaboration for joint research in the field of autonomous driving virtual verification and related technologies, including upgrading the autonomous driving experimental city environment and sharing a physical and virtual evaluation platform through the combination of real roads and virtual environments.

As part of this collaboration, MORAI hosted an international technical exchange conference on the same day. About 100 participants from autonomous driving research institutions (industry-academia-research) including the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the KATRI, and the Korea Autonomous driving Development Innovation Foundation participated in the event.

This conference was organized to explore ways to promote autonomous driving technology exchanges and strengthen the domestic autonomous driving evaluation and verification.

Currently, MORAI is participating as a joint research institution in the national research project for the development of a multi-purpose variable and expandable virtual testing platform that enables 'autonomous vehicle AI training,' 'performance verification,' and 'evaluation/certification' in a Level4 autonomous driving environment, which is conducted by KATRI under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

MORAI is fully committed to developing technologies that enhance the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles through a virtual testing environment platform that enables AI learning, performance verification, evaluation, and certification of autonomous vehicles. We will redouble our efforts to enhance autonomous driving simulation technology to contribute to the government's goal of commercializing autonomous driving by 2027.



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