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MORAI and Ansys Korea co-hosts KADF 2023 to share the latest technology and industry trends related

Updated: Apr 12

MORAI and Ansys Korea announced that they will jointly host “KADF 2023 (Korea Autonomous Developer Forum)”. KADF is an annual event of Ansys Korea with a theme of autonomous driving, where developers can share the latest technology trends and development experiences in the autonomous driving industry and explore collaboration opportunities. KADF 2023 will be held on April 26th at Jamsil Lotte World Tower SKY31 Convention, and about 200 people from government agencies, companies, and related research institutions related to autonomous driving are expected to attend.

This year’s theme is “Autonomous Driving and Simulation - Optimal Solutions for Evaluating and Verifying Autonomous Vehicle Performance.” Safety must be guaranteed above all else for cars that are directly linked to human life. In particular, autonomous driving cars with limited human intervention require thorough performance and safety inspections, and numerous tests and verifications are required for the development and commercialization of autonomous driving cars. For this reason, simulation technology is becoming increasingly important. Simulation simulates various situations that can occur in the real world, allowing for the prediction of the performance and safety of autonomous driving systems in advance, making it useful for evaluating and verifying autonomous driving cars.

Against this backdrop, KADF 2023 will specifically address the performance and evaluation methods of autonomous driving cars using simulation technology. Along with this, it will share the latest status, success stories, and technology trends of domestic and foreign autonomous driving industries.

At the event, Hanyang University Professor, Heo Gun-soo will deliver a welcome speech, followed by presentations from both companies. Mari Kawabata, application engineering team leader at Ansys Japan, will introduce Ansys Autonomy Toolchain for safe autonomous driving functions and Mercedes-Benz case studies. Jeon Hyung-seok, director of MORAI Mobility Technology Group, will present virtual sensor data application cases using autonomous driving simulators. In addition to companies including KG Mobility, HL Klemove, SL, KATRI, and EMA will present their success case stories.

Moon Seok-hwan, CEO of Ansys Korea, said, "By holding an annual KADF event in collaboration with MORAI, Ansys is providing a platform for customers to learn about the latest trends in the autonomous driving industry." He added, "Through KADF 2023 event, we aim to facilitate a better understanding of simulation technology by introducing various performance evaluation and verification methods that can be applied to enhance the safety and reliability of autonomous driving car development."

Jung Ji-won, Co-Founder of MORAI said "As autonomous vehicles represent the future of technology, safety and reliability are of utmost importance. Testing and verification are necessary, and simulation provides a powerful and efficient solution for this." He added, "KADF 2023 is expected to offer a valuable opportunity for exploring various performance evaluation and verification methods that can be applied to enhance the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicle development."



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