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The Ultimate Software for Autonomous Vehicle Testing is MORAI

Updated: Apr 15

Source: AMC Newswatch

Tech Report

Autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars are on a fast track for the future. Not only does the cutting-edge technology inside these vehicles removes human error but they make our roads safer for pedestrians and drivers alike, and not by a razor-thin margin either.

The success of the technology is rooted in proper testing simulations.

MORAI builds simulation solutions and software for autonomous vehicle testing, allowing engineers to test rare or high-risk scenarios.

And, just as important, MORAI creates highly realistic scenarios that make these simulations feel like real life.

Take for example the scenario of another car running a red light.

With MORAI, you can build copies of the streets and the world around cars and pedestrians, then introduce AI and other algorithms to populate the scene for realism.

By creating these factors in a digital world, researchers and manufacturers can test their products and see how they would react in a scenario such as a pedestrian stepping in front of the vehicle.

They can then make the proper improvements and adjustments to make their vehicles better based on the test results.

To find out more about MORAI simulation solutions and software for autonomous vehicle testing, head on over to



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