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MORAI Partners with Korea Military Academy to Foster Future Defense Talent

MORAI, a leader in autonomous driving simulation platforms, has announced a significant collaboration with the Korea Military Academy to advance digital talent in the defense sector. This partnership formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), focuses on leveraging advanced technologies such as Modeling and Simulation (M&S) and unmanned weapons systems for educational and research purposes.

Key figures attended the MOU signing ceremony, including JiWon Jung, CEO of MORAI, and Major General Jeong Hyeong-kyun, Superintendent of the Korea Military Academy. ANSYS Korea, a leader in engineering simulation, also supported the collaborative initiative.

This partnership aims to cultivate a new generation of technical experts in defense, driving future innovations and establishing a foundation for an advanced scientific military. It will involve the development of educational and research programs centered around cutting-edge technologies crucial for modern defense strategies.

Collaborative efforts between MORAI and the Korea Military Academy will include developing academic programs, exchanging educational materials and information, and promoting joint research and educational initiatives. MORAI will support these activities by providing its state-of-the-art autonomous driving simulation software, MORAI SIM, enhancing the academy's educational and research capabilities.

Professor Juhee Kim, head of the academy’s industrial-academic cooperation team and professor of mechanical engineering, said, "Collaborating with MORAI will enhance our curriculum with advanced simulation technologies, improving our training effectiveness and preparing cadets for complex military roles."

JiWon Jung, CEO of MORAI, said, "As Defense Innovation 4.0 progresses, simulation technology is increasingly recognized as essential for developing and optimizing weapon systems for future combat scenarios. We are pleased to support the Korea Military Academy in strengthening the digital capabilities of Korea's future military leaders and advancing our national defense capabilities."

This partnership is expected to significantly enhance the educational impact at the academy by integrating sophisticated simulation and digital twin technologies into training programs, preparing cadets for the technological demands of future warfare.



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