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About Us

“Simulation as the solution to achieve full autonomy”

The automotive industry is moving towards autonomous driving.


Any automated system must undergo some form of verification and validation, and even more so if it involves human safety. Autonomous driving systems fall under both of these categories. As a result, it needs to be rigorously tested to ensure the system can properly recognize its surroundings and take the necessary actions to ensure safety.


However, verifying and validating autonomous driving systems on public roads has its limits, and more importantly, it can pose a significant danger.


This is where MORAI’s story begins. Realizing the necessity and importance of securing

a safer way to validate autonomous driving systems, our co-founders came together to develop a simulation platform based on their expertise and research.

Story of Our Co-Founders


Jiwon Jung

CEO & Co-Founder

“We ran a lot of tests on real roads using real vehicles at KAIST, and those tests were really tough since there weren’t many testing options available using digital twins and metaverse environments. Testing autonomous driving systems was very dangerous and expensive, so we decided to make our own product that would make the development process much more efficient. Our final goal is to become the simulator of choice for OEMs to validate their autonomous driving systems and thereby accelerate the commercialization of autonomous vehicles.” 

Our CEO (Chief Executive Officer) & Co-Founder, Jiwon Jung, founded MORAI by bringing together talents from KAIST to develop the best-in-class autonomous vehicle driving simulator. Responsible for the overall management and external affairs at MORAI, Jiwon is spearheading the company’s growth.


Jun Hong

CTO & Co-Founder

“One day, I was testing autonomous cars on a race track together with Jiwon, where we were driving at high speeds, faster than 100km/h. We had just developed a new algorithm, and things were quite tense at first, but luckily, our test vehicle managed to drive for five laps in complete safety. That’s when I thought that tests should not be conducted this way - the algorithms should be systematically tested before bringing it out to the field. Realizing it would benefit not just our team, but also others who are developing autonomous driving systems, we decided to start our own venture to develop simulation platforms.” 

Jun Hong is our CTO (Chief Technology Officer) & Co-Founder with expertise in robotics and electronic engineering.
Jun oversees MORAI’s technology development to ensure our simulation solutions are cutting-edge with technological excellence.


Sugwan Lee

CPO & Co-Founder

“MORAI's goal is to accelerate our client's autonomous driving software development cycle so that they can release the most reliable self-driving cars and services in minimal time. Our key differentiator is that we provide high-fidelity yet scalable digital twins built from users’ high-definition map data, allowing clients to develop robust self-driving software in the fastest way possible. We want to ensure our clients feel as natural and intuitive in simulation as they do testing in the real world. That is why we've been focusing on the technology to create digital twins for the area in which our clients would usually test in real life, allowing for seamless transitioning between both worlds.”

Sugwan Lee is our CPO (Chief Product Officer) & Co-Founder, bringing his expertise in virtual space simulations and verification software development to shape MORAI’s simulation product portfolio to meet the needs of sophisticated customers across the globe. As CPO, Sugwan defines the core technology and values that differentiate MORAI’s products from the competition and manages product development roadmaps.


Today, MORAI’s team of highly talented engineers
with strong backgrounds in software development and
autonomous driving research are working together to perfect MORAI SIM,
contributing to the acceleration of safe and
efficient autonomous vehicle development.

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