True-to-life autonomous vehicle driving simulator

MORAI is building simulation tools and solutions for autonomous vehicles and autonomous systems.
Providing engineers with detailed photorealistic scenes such as complex city intersections and test racetracks, MORAI’s simulation environments help customers perform verification and validation for their autonomous vehicles.
MORAI’s data-driven simulation approach delivers value along each step of the autonomous vehicle development process, from the project inception stage to the testing and acceptance trial stage.


Use Cases

Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) Testing

Test the safety of your autonomous vehicle systems in a controlled environment. 
Create any variety of scenarios, from highway cut-ins to busy city intersections, all populated with AI-powered surrounding vehicles and smart actors. 
Ensure the system is tested against edge cases and accelerate overall system development.

Perception Algorithm Development

Create scenes with MORAI's simulation by placing a wide range of pre-annotated objects in different weather and lighting conditions. The simulation will automatically drive through the photo-real environment to create synthetic datasets and allow users to cost-effectively add new data to their real-world datasets.

Immersive 3D Environments

Every region of the world has its own unique signs, traffic light designs, and road marking rules. Even within the same region, small towns have very different layouts from the big cities - tall office buildings can occlude sensors in ways houses in towns will not.
To feed all of this different information to the autonomous vehicle, we build immersive 3D environments of each region we operate in. This is made possible with MORAI’s automated environment generation pipeline. Using data provided by our mapping partners, we create roads, signs, and buildings - all virtually.



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