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MORAI Showcases Autonomous Vehicle Simulator at CES 2021

최종 수정일: 4월 15일

Source: PR Newswire

MORAI, a startup developing simulators for autonomous vehicles, will showcase new features and innovations for its products at this year's all-digital CES®. Visit MORAI's digital exhibition booth starting January 11 for more product details.

MORAI's autonomous vehicle (AV) simulation solution, by recreating roads, sensors, and even vehicles within a virtual 3D simulation environment, allows users to freely test how their algorithms and software will react to difficult or dangerous scenarios without risk to drivers or other vehicles. Simulation also grants full control of the scene to the test operator, enabling tests for drastic, diverse weather conditions and edge cases not commonly seen while driving.

One of the features to be highlighted at CES 2021 is data-based scenario creation, where pre-recorded traffic data for a specific region can be used to recreate a test scenario identical to the recorded data. Instead of relying on the user to create test cases manually, real-world data can be used directly to enhance scenario realism and accuracy.

Real-world data is also key to building MORAI's simulation environments, which are digital twins of specific regions of interest, based on a combination of detailed geospatial map data and satellite imagery. Simulation environments can range from single city blocks or small highway segments to entire city districts.

MORAI's continued development of its core technologies and AV simulator helped the company raise around $2 million in Series A funding last November. Now, MORAI plans to grow its network of over 50 different partners and clients internationally.

"Last year's CES was a valuable experience that helped to introduce our products and technology to a global audience," said Jiwon Jung, co-founder and CEO. "We hope that during CES 2021, we can show how much MORAI's core simulation has matured and connect with leaders within not just the AV industry, but from the automotive and tech industries as well."

Company Profile

MORAI Inc. is a South Korean startup building simulation tools and solutions for autonomous vehicles and autonomous systems. Providing engineers with detailed photorealistic scenes such as complex city intersections and test racetracks, MORAI's simulation environments help customers perform verification and validation for their autonomous vehicles. MORAI's data driven simulation approach delivers value along each step of the autonomous vehicle development process, from the project inception stage to the testing and acceptance trial stage. MORAI's core simulation platform is currently supplied to key Korean clients throughout industry, academia, and government.

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