Test-driving autonomous vehicles in the real world can lead to accidents.
MORAI offers the best-in-class autonomous vehicle simulation platform to make roads safer.


Platform Features

Highly automated generation

of high definition (HD) map based 3D simulation environments

A digital twin of your region of interest built from HD map data that bridges the gap between real-world and simulation test environments.

Mixed reality

Vehicle-in-the-Loop testing

By combining simulation with actual vehicles, test all of your scenarios while leveraging both the accuracy of Vehicle-in-the-Loop testing and the sferty provided by simulation.

Synthetic Dataset

Automatic annotation functionality along with weather and lighting control features allow users to create their own datasets.

Extracting key test
scenarios from real-world
test data

Extracting key test scenarios from real-world data and recreate the scenarios in simulated digital-twin environments to test for various edge and corner cases in the scenarios. 

Realistic Vehicle
& Sensor Models

Highly configurable vehicle dynamics and various sensor models including cameras, LiDAR, GPS, and IMU for accurate simulation of your vehicle behavior.

MORAI’s distributed

simulation network system

Support for highly resource-intensive simulation configurations using MORAI’s distributed simulation network system.


Environment Model

Digital Twin Maps

Vehicle Model

Choose from a wide range of vehicle platforms, from sedans and SUVs to large commercial vehicles



Open format based Scenario